Job Opening – Product Manager

Product Management Apprentice

We are looking for an ambitious, self-starter ready to dive into the deep end of building, growing, and running digital businesses.

The Right Fit

The main characteristic that is going to define success in this role will be the person’s ability to “figure it out” and think critically about making business decisions and solving operational problems as they arise.

You either live in the Philadelphia area, or you’re willing to relocate. While we completely support remote work, and have dozens of virtual team members, this role requires a local presence.

You are fiercely curious and enjoy finding your own answers to questions. You are a proficient user of Google, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit – not just someone who posts and consumes, but someone who understands diving deep into hashtags to find subcultures and uncover centers of influence / content relevance.

You likely already have a website or blog of your own. It may not be slick, fast, or even custom – but you built it and that’s something. Maybe you don’t have your own website, but you have a channel you frequently contribute to and are proud of – this could be YouTube, TikTok, or an online community.

You have stacks of old planners (or possibly moleskine notebooks) filled with notes, dates, and ideas. You are good at managing your time and meeting deadlines – even if this means you might have to work late, wake up early, or be available on a weekend.


Beyond your attitude, you need knowledge (and experience) working in:

  • WordPress
  • Google Analytics (bonus points for Google Search Console and/or Google Data Studio)
  • Email marketing platforms (like Mailchimp, MailMunch, GetResponse, or similar)
  • Experience with the Google Apps for Business Suite
  • Slack
  • Light knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Understanding of basic principles behind modern web design, usability, and user behaviors.

The First 6 Months

Your initial focus will be diving into the lead generation and fulfillment activities for In Between The Lines Therapy and Wellness, a mental health and wellness center in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

You will be responsible for coordinating campaigns across several existing vendors including content, design, development, sales and operations. You will work side by side with the venture Partners as well as several of the managers and team leads from many of the portfolio companies.

Your primary responsibility these first 6 months is to be a sponge. You are to show up hungry to learn, actively participate, ask every question you can think of, and start to lend support where you can.

One of your first milestones in your new role will be to design a Receptionist / Office Manager role for IBTL that you will then be responsible for helping to hire, train, and manage.

All the while, you’ll be cutting your teeth building and enhancing some existing portfolio properties and be on the project teams for some new ones in development.

Compensation & Benefits

  • $70,000 base salary.
  • 2 weeks paid vacation.
  • Private office (in our new slick AF building in NoLibs)
  • American Express Platinum Card
  • All professional costs covered (hardware, software, travel, and some other baller perks).

Years 1 & 2

You will start to take over more control of some of the newer revenue-generating properties as they come online. You will also be a key coordinator between the studio’s executive team and the executive leadership of the portfolio companies.

You will begin to earn equity in pre-revenue properties as they come online, and play an important role in making strategic hires across the portfolio.

Compensation & Benefits

  • 1% Class A Shares in each pre-revenue project you work on.
  • Salary:
    • Months 12-24: $100,000
    • Months 24+: $200,000
  • Unlimited paid vacation
  • $5,000 annual travel allowance
  • $500/month car allowance

Year 3

Choose your own adventure:

  1. Step into one of the portfolio companies as the CEO / COO / Sr Exec role.
  2. Take a leadership role in one of the pre-revenue companies for a considerable increase in founder’s equity.
  3. Settle into your role as “Portfolio Manager” with a $250,000 base salary and a profit share of the entire portfolio.